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View full detailed technical specifications of all Apple iPads tablets including prices, video reviews and compare with other Apple iPad models. The iPad is a brand of iOS and iPadOS-based tablet computers that are developed by Apple Inc. The iPad was conceived before the related iPhone but the iPhone was developed and released first. Speculation about the development, operating system, and release of the original iPad began in 2002 prior to its introduction on January 20, 2010. The iPad range consists of the original iPad lineup and the flagship products iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. The iPhone's iOS operating system (OS) was initially used for the iPad but in September 2019, its OS was switched to a fork of iOS called iPadOS that has better support for the device's hardware, and its user interface is customized for the tablets' larger screens. The original iPad was well-received for its software and was recognized as one of the most influential inventions of 2010. Besides personal use, the iPad is used in the business, education, healthcare, and technology sectors. There are two variants of the iPad; one has only Wi-Fi and one has support for cellular networks. Accessories include the Apple Pencil, Smart Case, Smart Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, Magic Keyboard, and several adapters.