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The Magic Trackpad is a great way to experience all the features of Apple's Multi-Touch and Force Touch technologies. With its wireless and rechargeable design, it's perfect for use on the go. Its built-in sensors can detect subtle differences in pressure, making it a great tool for emailing and other tasks.No need to worry about pairing your Magic Trackpad with your Mac – it'll happen automatically! You can use it for about a month on a single charge, although charging it up again is quick and easy with the included woven USB-C to Lightning Cable. Just connect it to a USB-C port on your Mac when you need some extra juice.
    • Input: Multi-touch with Force Touch and Taptic Engine
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, Lightning connector
    • Power: Rechargeable Li-Po Battery (2024 mAh)
    • Mass: 0.51 pound (0.231 kg)


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